At first glance, the skeletal remains of the Kansas City Work House Castle seem almost haunted. The graffiti ridden walls of what was once a working prison for petty offenders tells the ghostwritten stories of Kansas Cities rebellious youth.  Sure, it's a popular place for photographers to get some awesome shots, but there is a mystery about this place. An unspoken creed is obeyed by those who enter onto this property. It is understood that this is a place of art and self-expression. A place for people to come and be themselves. The remains of weekend campfires and jam sessions linger behind as reminders of the celebrations of love and friendship that filter through this amazing little gem!

To be honest, it's probably what a snapshot of my heart looks like these days. Remains of walls that I have built up, only to be shattered and painted more beautiful as I grow and experience this amazing life.  The walls are filled with quotes from the hands of anonymous poets and murals of phantom artists. Although the elaborate graffiti is bold and beautiful, there is no outdoing anyone or shameless self-promotion. It is simply a place to explore the ruins and the minds of those who came before you. 

 It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. To me, it is the perfect visual of this life journey we all are on. We are born pure and new and beautiful; we go through trials and tribulations only to get beat down, and we leave pieces of ourselves with other people along the way and vice versa.Then, eventually we heal, we rebuild and decorate our life with adventures and the people who love us. We celebrate ourselves and how far we have come. We aren't afraid to show our battle scars, and we wear our war paint proudly as we journey on.