With a population of around only 900 in the winter months, this time-warped city is a stop for over 900,000 people during the cruising season. The town is unique in the fact that eighty percent of the buildings are original to the gold rush. This made for an amazing feeling of going back in time while walking the streets of this adorable city. 

While here, we had the pleasure of spending the first couple of hours with Madame Moan-A-Lot. She was our Skagway brothel tour guide, where she shared the history of the women who lived in this city. As it turns out, prostitution was largely a way of life for the women of Skagway. Many of the women relied on this as their sole income since they were not prepared to ascend the mountain to get to the gold. A lot of people got all the way to Skagway with the false belief that anyone could make it to the gold, only to find out that the trek there was full of bears, swollen rivers, and rigorous mountain climbing. 

On the tour, we walked up and down the streets of Skagway hearing stories of the infamous women who lived here. Despite the seriousness of the dangers of their lifestyle, our tour guide kept it light and airy with filling the conversation with witty puns and sexual humor. (If this is not something you feel comfortable with then I do not recommend this tour for you. A significant portion of the tour is filled with sexual innuendos and jokes which may not be suited for everyone.)

If you are looking for a fun way to learn a lot of history about this beautiful town, then I highly recommend this tour! It was a non-traditional way to hear the stories of the brave women of the Klondike while also acquiring a different perspective on their profession of their choice. Most of these women were working this job as a last resort, not a first choice.

Our last stop of the day was the Skagway Brewing Company. Although I can not personally vouch for the beers, they seemed to be well liked by those in the group who ordered them.  David and my brother tried samples of all of their local brews which were cool! I am jealous I could not give them a try! 

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