Last time, I blogged about a city that I would move to in a heartbeat, so this week I figured I would tell you about a city that David feels equally excited about!

 Seattle has been on my list for years. I have planned a Nirvana themed road trip more than once during one of my many wanderlust spells (which I plan on actually doing one of these days). So when I found out that it was going to be the departure location for our Alaskan cruise, I immediately got butterflies. 

It was stereotypically cloudy and rainy during our stay, but that wasn't stealing anyone's sunshine! This city is quirky and unlike any other city, I have had the pleasure of visiting. I am glad I finally got to experience it, and I cannot wait to be back someday! 

Below I have listed a few places worth mentioning that I feel you might enjoy if you were ever to visit there yourself! 



Space Needle

When you think of Saint Louis, you think of the Gateway Arch. When you think of Seattle, you think of the Space Needle. I will say the same things when it comes to both of these landmarks… It’s a landmark. 

Depending on the weather or the time you go, the time you spend in line might be longer than the time you spend up there taking photos and taking in the view. This was the case for us. We waited until the time that was printed on our tickets (which was an hour from the time we arrived.) After scouring the souvenir shop at the base of the needle to kill time, we were herded like cattle into an elevator for the short ride to the top. As if hounding you to buy gifts at the bottom wasn't enough, there are even more gifts at the top as well as a coffee shop and a place to get some snacks. They offer viewing binoculars that you can pay for on the deck outside as well as screens where you can pick any date and time and see what the view was on those days on the inside of the viewing room. 

Pike Place Market

As someone who never understood the mystique of the farmers market, I was blown away by Pike Place Market! If you are only going to be in Seattle for a day, this would be my number one recommendation hands down!  

Pike Place is not only one of the oldest farmer markets in the country; it is over nine acres of specialty shops and restaurants for you to explore. You can find anything and everything while strolling through the various alleys of this unique attraction. While I was there, I was able to find an original Nirvana 45 in perfect condition!

EMP Museum

Speaking of Nirvana, The EMP Museum currently has a Nirvana exhibit that will make any Nirvana fan weak at the knees! Nirvana has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember... Needless to say, my pregnant-self got a little emotional walking through the countless photographs, hand-written letters, and lyrics of one of my first celebrity crushes. 
For my family members who did not share my love of the grunge god, there was a decent sized Jimi Hendrix exhibit as well as a Star Trek exhibit to keep everyone entertained. There are a lot of other exhibits I didn't mention, but they can all be found on their website so be sure to check if anything tickles your fancy! 

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

Seattle is one of America's cities with a fascinating history. If you see yourself walking underground into dark passages and hearing tales of the gold rush and everything that came along with it I would highly recommend this tour. The guides are extremely friendly and helpful, and as they guide you through the underground streets and buildings of the city, they share tales of the town's most prominent families as well as a few humorous stories of their own. I am not usually a fan of organized walking tours because I feel they are a bit cheesy, but this one was worth it!  



Zeek’s Pizza

Located near the Space Needle, this local pizzeria is the perfect place to grab a bite before you venture off into other parts of the city. This pizza joint is by far my favorite eatery in Seattle. I was battling food aversions and morning sickness like crazy while on this vacation and pizza was surprisingly one of the only foods that didn't make me feel downright awful. I will say the serving sizes are enormous so take that into consideration when ordering. A few people can easily split a medium size pie. They also offer half and half options as well as a gluten-free crust for anyone interested. I am pretty sure that all of us who ordered pizza brought the leftovers back to our Air BnB and devoured them later on. ;) 

Cantina de San Patricio

After spending a morning walking through Pike Place Market, one can easily work up an appetite. If you haven't filled up on all of the goodies that market has to offer you can take a quick stroll down Post Alley to this adorable and delicious Mexican restaurant. Although I was not able to partake in the drinking of alcoholic beverages due to my pregnancy, some of my family sang the praises of their adult beverages. If you like a little kick to your quest or any food for that matter, then this is a great spot for you! 

Capitol Cider

Unfortunately, when going on a trip, you are going to stumble across your occasional “flop” and sadly this place was ours. When you walk into the pub, you are immediately immersed in that typical “hipster” vibe, which I have always been a fan of. However, the charm ends there. The staff was slow and rude throughout our whole dining experience, which is unfortunate because their food was delicious despite the fact that it took us over an hour to receive it after they put our order in.

 We did not go on a particularly busy night; there were empty tables throughout the entirety of our visit. Maybe we went on an off night, but on the off chance that we did I will say that there are probably way nicer wait staff elsewhere in the city that serves equally if not better food.  The one thing they do have going for them is their extensive list of draft and bottled beers for you to choose from if that is something you are into you may find better service at the bar! 

** It is important to note that all of the previously mentioned restaurants are vegetarian/gluten free friendly! **



Air Bnb

We typically use Air BnB when we are traveling, and we followed suit when it came to saying in Seattle. This time around we were traveling with some Air Bnb virgins! While some had their reservations about staying in a strangers house, they quickly discovered that it was not as scary as they had anticipated. My mother even mentioned she preferred doing this over staying in a hotel which shocked me! 

Like most of our experience using this website, it was a positive one. The house was cute and just the right size for the six of us. If you would like to check out the house or even book it for yourself, feel free to click here to get a closer look! 

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