So you have booked the flight, now what? Traveling overseas for the first time can be extremely exciting!  There are, however, some things you will need to do before you board your flight. Here is a list of five ways to prepare yourself for your life changing adventure!

Obtain A Passport

It can take up to eight weeks to receive your passport so make sure you fill out all of your paperwork and have your forms of identification and citizenship prepared well in advance for your trip. You will also need to get a photo taken at one of the various passport photo locations. I was able to get mine taken at my local post office. Make sure you are not wearing any accessories in your hair because those photos will not be accepted. I ran into this issue when I gave them a picture of myself sporting a headband and they told me I needed to remove it and take another photo. 

Purchase Converters and Adaptors

As dependent as we are on our electronics, you won't get anywhere fast if you can't recharge them! You can buy voltage converters and plug adaptors for fairly reasonable prices.  

Notify Your Bank

There is nothing worse than swiping a card that declines.  I have even run into some issues with same state purchases so, this, of course, applies across the board when traveling. The day before you leave you will need to call your bank and inform them you will be using your card overseas. Just inform them of your arrival and departure date and they can put a note on your account. I have never run into the need to call them and tell them I have returned to the county, but that may be something you need to do as well. 

Learn Key Phrases

When traveling to another country where you do not speak the same language, it is not a bad idea to learn how to say key phrases. Some of these include
Thank you
Where is your restroom?

Request Mail Holding

You do not want to draw any attention to your vacant house while you are away. Full mailboxes and packages sitting outside the door are clear signs that the resident isn't home. If you have any packages delivered during your trip, you can kindly ask a neighbor to keep them until you return. The USPS also has mail holding so you can simply pick up or have the mail delivered when you return from your trip. 

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