When the words Saint Louis come to mind, it is not uncommon for one's mind to go to a darker place. In the recent past, my beloved city has turned into a social justice experiment for the entire country to witness. I am not the first, nor will I be the last person to write about such a topic. I am nowhere near the most qualified or educated on the subject. I just feel this is my platform to share my feelings of my city though the photos David took on our adventure at Soulard Mardi Gras. We had an awesome time taking shots and getting to meet some amazing people (including a squirrel wearing a tutu!) So scroll through and enjoy these awesome snaps and take a minute to get a visual of the heartbeat of my city. these photos truly capture the genuine happiness and sense of togetherness that has been overlooked recently.


    Despite spending my entire life calling Saint Louis home, I have been fortunate enough to have visited 29 different countries all over Europe and the Caribbean. I have been exposed to and witnessed first hand the cultures of all types of people. I have studied them. No, not collegiately but in a more personal way.  Saint Louis, in many ways,  is no different than any other city I have ever visited.  We are proud of where we are from. We come together in times of trouble and celebrate victories together. 


    I feel it is important for you to remember that what you hear about in the news or what you read online is only just scratching the surface of what goes on in this town. Overall, Saint Louis is home to charitable people who know how to come together to support a cause. Saint Louis hosts one of the largest Susan G Komen Races for the Cure.  We love our city, and we celebrate our heritage, our families, and our communities. Despite having almost 320,000 people living in the city, almost anywhere you go you will recognize someone. My hometown is deeply connected. Our loyalty to local business and sports teams are often said to be unparalleled to that of other cities. 


Sure, these are just photos of people getting together dancing, drinking, and having a good time but the underlying message is so much deeper than that. This is Saint Louis. This is my home. This is what I celebrated yesterday.