When it comes to suitcases, I am notorious for over packing. So, Why should it be any different when it comes to cars?

Road trips are an awesome way to see not only this country but all over the world. I have been on some amazing road trips through-out Europe and the United States, so when it comes to prepping a car for a road trip, I have some crazy memories to remind me to pack some of the following essentials. Here are my top ten recommendations for making your car road trip ready!

Countless times I have found myself somewhere wishing I had some bug spray in my car! Where I come from the mosquitos were relentless.  Why would you not want to avoid those itchy red spots all over your legs for a week while they heal? 

Sunscreen has come to the rescue countless times for this pasty gal! I have been known to be a bit annoying when it comes to reminding people about the importance of sunscreen, so here is my mini soapbox which I am sure I will be jumping on from time to time ;)

David is a stickler about the level of air in his tires. He refills them, at least, every other week, because it annoys him if his ride is even the slightest bit bumpy. I hear “Can you hand me that tire gauge in the glove box” too often to forget myself, but I figured I would add it to your list. 

Luckily I haven't had a need for theses since my junior year of high school when I went to a party in the woods that my parents didn't know about. My car wouldn't start so I could speed home before curfew. Thanks to one of my guy friends for hooking me up with these bad boys. Since then I have kept a pair of them in my trunk of my car, and luckily I haven't found a need for them since.

An obvious choice for most. There would be nothing worse than getting a flat tire on the side of the road and not be able to have one to replace it. This reminds me, I probably need to learn how to change a flat tire. My luck, it would happen to me in while driving alone in the country and there would be no one to help me. 

After pondering the flat tire scenario, it dawned on me that a flashlight would be beneficial if you were ever to need to change a flat in the dark. They have all different kinds including hands-free headlamps that would work great in this scenario!

I am by no means a nurse, but this is always a good idea to have around for unforeseen accidents. Kids are always bumping into things and scraping up their knees attempting feats of strength. Band-Aids and Neosporin go a long way when you have the little ones on the road with you. 

I have found myself sleeping in my car for various reason in my life and having a blanket is a lifesaver for colder nights. But, to be honest, the biggest reason I like having a blanket in the car is because I can pretty much sleep anywhere so when David is driving, it's prime time for me to catch some Z’s before its my turn behind the wheel. 

A towel is never a bad idea either. I have found myself in situations where I have a swimming suit and no towel.  I have also found this to be useful for muddy German Shepherd paws and wet dog coats from jumping in the river! 

While we are on the topic of dogs, don't forget your water bowl! Dogs do not sweat themselves so they can get very hot. When I would bring my beloved Veda to the park with me, I would always make sure I had a bottle of water for her to keep her cool and hydrated for a long day of hiking. 

 Veda and I 

Veda and I 

 Pretty Baby :)

Pretty Baby :)

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