So what exactly does a girl who has extensively traveled have on her bucket list? Quite a few things it turns out! Here is just a small, vague list that I plan on checking off through my travels.  This list is not complete, and as I learn more about the world more will be added, I'm sure. 

Do you have anything on your bucket list you think I should add? Do you have a story about something on my list?  I'd love to hear all about them! Be sure to leave them in the comments below. 

Visit the Eiffel Tower 

See the Northern Lights

Let go of a floating lantern

Go on a safari

Grow my hair out to my shoulders

See the Tour De France

Ride in a hot air balloon

Vacation somewhere solo

Walk down the red carpet

Watch the ball drop on New Years Eve

Step foot on all seven continents

Attend a music festival

Eat fruit right off the tree

Octoberfest in Germany

Go to Burning Man

Become debt free

Climb a tree

Backpack Australia

Horseback ride on the beach

Glow in the dark beach in Maldives

Skinny dip

Learn a foreign language

Go to the ballet

Visit all 50 States

Be published

See a show on Broadway 

Put a lock on the Love Lock Bridge 

Float in the Dead Sea

Go to a film festival

Walk across hot coals

Go rock climbing

See the Pyramids in Egypt

Visit a ghost town

Attend a yoga retreat

Visit a city hosting the Olympics

Crowd surf

Get a real henna tattoo in India

Visit the Taj Mahal 

Ride an elephant

Go skydiving

Stars a fire without using matches

Go camping with a hammock tent

Flip a house

Ride a mechanical bull

Drink milk from a coconut

Spend the night in a tree house

Play nine holes of golf

Go to the Kentucky Derby

Keep a journal for a whole year

Go Zorbing