I can't imagine what being a parent is like. The love they have for their children is beyond anything I've felt, I'm sure. Creating someone, then molding them into an individual that will go out into the world and live their own life. That's a lot of responsibility, and naturally most parents desire to raise their children with a certain set of morals or social standards that will help them to be successful in life. That being said, sometimes it doesn't always pan out like the parent(s) intended. 

However, I can imagine what being a child is like. I'm far from a golden child, but I've always lived my life with a true intent to do right. When I say "do right" I'm referring to the morals and life standards that were instilled in me from when I was just a small child. I'll be forever grateful for the morals that my parents taught me by being a living example. I was raised to treat people the way I wanted to be treated, help the less fortunate, put others before myself, etc. The list goes on, and it's exactly what you would expect to see from any human being with common sense. I was also taught a set of very strict standards and qualifications that were taken directly from the Bible. And as I've grown older and have come into my young adult years, I've arrived at a place where I’ve had to make a decision. Is this real?

"God's ways are above our ways" or "You just have to have faith" are just a couple of sayings I was very familiar with when it came to asking questions that had no answer. Growing up I would take it as fact, because I knew that my family and church friends would never steer me wrong. We were all striving for the same goal, an eternity in paradise - versus the other option, an eternity living the worst nightmare ever. 

So as I've become a fully aware adult, these answers haven't quite been enough. I was and am aware of the warnings that have been issued when it comes to this way of thinking. Not enough prayer and fasting, too carnal of a mindset, desiring "worldly" pleasures, and not reading the Bible enough - just to list several. Yet, I've witnessed not only in my life, but in a multitude of others, that these answers never come. And when they didn't, I would be concerned with my motives.

"Am I requesting something with the wrong intentions?"

"Is it not god's will?”

and these series of questions would lead to the ultimate question...

“Why and how am I here?"

These are questions that I’ve still found no resolution. Many have claimed the answers, but have only presented their claim with the basis of faith and personal experience.

Some may say that I’ve been given a delusion to believe. Some will say that I’m now a reprobate. Some will claim that I just want to live a life of pleasure without commitment or consequence. Most people have a stance on pretty much any topic you can think of. If you’re asked if you like chocolate or vanilla flavored ice cream, and you reply with “I don’t know” or “It doesn’t matter”, you will more than likely get a very surprised response due to your lack of commitment to either side. Call it society, human nature, or common sense; but we’re programmed to take a stance on one side or the other. 

The fact is, nobody actually knows anything for certain. So why is everyone claiming that they do?

Embracing the unknown is a healthy alternative to fearing it.  

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 - After sharing this blog with my friend, he shared this video of Dr. David Eagleman with me. It's very much worth a watch. -