Four months ago I finally took the plunge and purchased a Diva Cup, and I must say it has been one of the best decisions I've made to date! My overall menstrual health has greatly improved, and I have really gotten to know a lot about my body. I am so excited to share my two cents on this life changing product. I have compiled a list of the top reasons have come to love this menstrual cup below. 

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The Diva cup has single handily saved my bed sheets and underwear. I no longer have to keep a mental timer of when I need to change out my pad or tampon because you only have to empty the menstrual cup about twice a day. I usually set it in place and wear it over night and then I empty it into the toilet in the morning and then at lunch time. 

As a travel focused blog you had to have seen this coming. 

One tiny silicone flexible cup obviously takes up way less space in your carryon or your purse. It also produces zero waste which is extremely eco-friendly! 


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It became curious about my girl down under’s new best friend when I stumbled across an article about how much money one saves when investing in a Diva Cup. I can't seem to find the exact article so I will use this similar Huffington Post article. 

The article states that women will on average spend about $18,171 on her weekly visits from mother nature in her lifetime (OBGYN visits are not included in the estimated total.) 

The Diva Cup is a whopping $39.97, and if it is taken care of, properly it will last you a few years. 

Tampons, pads, and panty liners are ridden with all kinds of toxins that can lead to a list of heal issues for women included but not limited to
TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome
Immune system suppression
Hormonal disruption
Abnormal tissue  grown in reproductive organs

The Diva cup is also made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. It does not contain latex, acrylic, BPA, plastic, or dyes. It has also been approved by the US FDA. 

It is hard to truly know your cycle when pads and tampons have various absorbencies. My Diva cup has allowed me to really know my bodies cycle, and it is quite a liberating thing. I can tell exactly what my body needs and when it needs it. My periods are like clockwork now that I am letting it naturally letting my body menstruate without a plug or a diaper interrupting my body’s natural flow. 

For full instruction on how to insert, clean, and store the Diva Cup, you can check out these instructional videos on The Diva Cup’s website and watch some awesome and informative videos.

Do you use a Diva Cup? What positive changes has it made in your life?

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