The year 2016 found Eureka, Missouri under water. The new year is typically brought in with live music, fun festivities, good food, and a large gathering of a tight knit community. Unfortunately the Meramac River's reach went far beyond its banks and seeped into the local businesses in downtown Eureka. The flood devastated thousands of people and some still see and smell the damage that was left behind, almost like an elderly woman's perfume that has overtaken an elevator. 

The water receded almost as fast as it had risen, but the problems it caused weren't going anywhere. Fortunately, Eureka is full of people who care about other people, and the community came together to assist in returning the area back to it's peaceful state. Fundraisers, physical labor, and strategic planning allowed for a swift rehabilitation of some of the downtown businesses, and on April 2nd downtown Eureka was alive once again. The streets were filled with members of the local community, excited to see it's city partying like it knows how.

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